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Giorgos Papastergiou

Giorgos Papastergiou was born in Kavala (Greece) at 21/09/1982. He graduated from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace (2005) and received his MSc degree in Informatics from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and PhD degree from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece, in 2007 and 2012, respectively. Giorgos has a long experience in delay/disruption tolerant networking, transport/network protocols engineering, experimental & theoretical analysis on performance evaluation, and testbed implementation. He has served as a visiting researcher at Jet Propulsion Laboratory for two months (April – May 2011). During this time, he was involved in the design and implementation of Delay Tolerant Payload Conditioning (DTPC) protocol, a transport protocol that has been lately adopted by CCSDS as a standard for future space communications. He has also served as a visiting researcher at Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HAI) for 18 months (Oct 2008 – April 2010), investigating issues related to space internetworking and delay tolerant networking. Giorgos has participated in many DTN-related projects funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European FP7 Space program. Giorgos served his 9-month obligatory military duty in the Research and Informatics Corps of the Hellenic Army from March 2013 up to December 2013.


Giorgos citations are currently 135 (according to Google Scholar data)

Giorgos h-Index is currently 6 (according to Google Scholar data)

Research Interests

  • Transport protocols for deep-space communications
  • Erasure coding
  • Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN)
  • Testbed implementation / Network emulation
  • Application data conditoning
  • Congestion control

Research Projects

  •  Extending Internet Into Space – Phase 1, Funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), 2007-2008
  •  Extending Internet Into Space – Phase 2 – DTN/IP Testbed Implementation and Evaluation, Funded by the European Space Agency (ESA),  2008-2010
  •  Extending Internet Into Space – Phase 3 – DTN/IP Testbed Deployment and Optimization, Funded by the European Space Agency (ESA),  2010-2011
  • Space Data Routers, FP-7 co-funded by European Commission
  • SPICE - Space Internetworking Center, FP-7 co-funded by European Commission



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  • E. Koutsogiannis, S. Diamantopoulos, G. Papastergiou, I. Komnios, A. Aggelis and N. Peccia, "Experiences from architecting a DTN Testbed", Journal of Internet Engineering, Klidarithmos Press, Vol. 3, No. 1.


  • I. Komnios, I. Alexiadis, N. Bezirgiannidis, S. Diamantopoulos, S.-A. Lenas, G. Papastergiou  and V. Tsaoussidis, "SPICE Testbed: A DTN Testbed for Satellite and Space Communications", 9th International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks and Communities (TRIDENTCOM 2014), Guangzhou, China, May 5-7, 2014, to appear.
  • G. Papastergiou, N. Bezirgiannidis and V. Tsaoussidis, "On the Performance of Erasure Coding over Space DTNs", 10th International Conference on Wired/Wireless Internet Communications (WWIC 2012), Santorini, Greece, June 5-7, 2012.
  • G. Papastergiou, C. V. Samaras and V. Tsaoussidis, "Where Does Transport Layer Fit into Space DTN Architecture?", Fifth Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems Conference and Eleventh Signal Processing for Space Communications Workshop (ASMS/SPSC 2010), Cagliari, Italy, September 2010
  • E. Koutsogiannis, G. Papastergiou and V. Tsaoussidis, "Evaluation of CCSD File Delivery Protocol over Delay Tolereant Networks", 5th International Workshop on Satellite and Space Communications (IWSSC 2009), Sienna-Tuscany, Italy, September 10-11, 2009.
  • I. Psaras, G. Papastergiou, V. Tsaoussidis, and N. Peccia, "DS-TP: Deep-Space Transport Protocol", IEEE Aerospace Conference 2008, Montana, USA, March 2008.
  • C. Samaras, I. Komnios, D. Sotirios, E. Koutsogiannis, V. Tsaoussidis, G. Papastergiou and N. Peccia, "Extending Internet into Space – ESA DTN Testbed Implementation and Evaluation", 1st International Conference on Mobile Lightweight Wireless Systems (MOBILIGHT 2009), Workshop on Research activities funded by ESA in Greece, Athens, Greece, May 18-20, 2009.

Reviewer Activities

  • IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Wiley Journal of Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks, Elsevier Journal of Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory 
  • WWIC 2007, Dial M-POMC 2007, ICCN 2008, WWIC 2009, ERCIM Emobility Workshop 2009, ISWCS 2009, E-DTN 2009, Networking 2011, GLOBECOM 2012

Awards - Honors 

  • TPC in WWIC 2015
  • TPC in WWIC 2014
  • TPC in WWIC 2013
  • TPC in WWIC 2012
  • TPC in ICUMT 2010
  • TPC in E-DTN 2009

Contact Info

Telephone: +302541079556

E-mail: gpapaste (at)