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Lefteris Mamatas

Who am I

I was born in Alexandroupolis (Greece) at 7/1/1979. I graduated in 2003 from the Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Demokritos University of Thrace. Since then, I am a Phd student in the Demokritos University of Thrace under the advisory of Prof. Vassilis Tsaoussidis. My research interests are focused on congestion control in packet networks. Additionally, I am a founder of Araneous Internet Services (an IT company situated in North Greece - I have 7 years of professional programming experience using different computer environments (Linux / Unix / Windows). I worked for DoCoMo Eurolabs (Munich) in the research project Ambient Networks, from May to Oktober of 2005.

Awards - Honors

  • Reviewer in: Elsevier Computer Networks (COMNET), IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, GlobeCom2004, WWIC2004, WWIC2005, ICNSC06, ICC2006
  • 2nd Award of the Hellenic Competition on Computer Science - Informatics, 15-5-1993, on the context of the 5th International Olympics on Computer Science - Informatics held by the Hellenic Company of Computer Scientists.
  • Participation on the finals of the Hellenic Competition of Computer Science - Informatics, 21/5/1994 on the context of the 6th International Olympics on Computer Science - Informatics (participation of 25 High School students after examinations).
  • Participation as a Member of the Greek National Team at the 2nd Balkanian Olympics on Computer Science, held in Greece (1-6 October 1994).

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Ioannis Psaras, Lefteris Mamatas and Paulo Mendes,
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A.Syropoulos, L.Mamatas, P.Allilomes and K.Sotiriades,
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Technical Reports

G. Papastergiou, C. Georgiou, L. Mamatas, and V. Tsaoussidis,
"On Short Packets First: A delay-oriented prioritization policy",
Technical Report: TR-DUTH-EE-2008-8, submitted.

L.Mamatas, V.Tsaoussidis,
Technical Report: TR-DUTH-EE-2004-13, submitted.

L.Mamatas, V.Tsaoussidis and C.Zhang,
"Approaches to Congestion Control in packets networks"
Technical Report: TR-DUTH-EE-2004-10, submitted.

Contact information

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